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I'm trying to find something to use as a vase filler to hide the stems. I tried some Color Fill and it looked ok but seems expensive to use

ColorFill Vase Filler marble replacement. NOTE: This item will not be shipped into Canada. A beautiful alternative to marbles.

Glass marbles and glass gems, and other vase fillers are just a few of our We also cary glass marbles, glass gems, and other flower vase filler items.

Colorfill Vase Filler 25 pound bulk pack Silk Plant Cleaners / Artificial Water Colorfill Vase Filler 25 pound bulk pack.

Colorfill "Diamond" vase filler 1 lb bag $2.89 each. This 1 lb bag. Approximately 2-1/2 – 3 cups. Also available in 2 lb bag. Regular price $5.99 each

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