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7 Jan 2009 With a false bottom , I could update my mash tun to brew all grain batches efficiently and effectively. This is one component that would set

A range of brewing kettles in sizes, prices, and styles for every budget and home brewery False Bottom for 10 Gal BoilerMaker. (1). $64.99. Out of stock

Insulated 3-Gallon beverage cooler used for all-grain brewing . 9" Stainless Steel False Bottom : Fits 5 gallon Rubbermaid coolers.

A false bottom is used primarily in all grain brewing , to hold the grains off the bottom , allowing the wort to drain off the bottom of your brew pot.

Section 2. Brewing Your First Extract and Specialty Grain Beer False bottom systems usually rinse the grainbed uniformly, but there are two drawbacks

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